Golden Technologies

Lift Chairs

Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

A leading brand of power lift recliners offering patented comfort no other company can offer and in a wide variety of styles for every home! Family owned and operated since 1985, Built to last, backed by our exclusive lifetime warranty.


Golden Technologies Scooters

Introducing the first FULL-TIME, Luxury, Travel Scooter allowing for full-time use and easy transport too! The Buzzaround LX is shipping now!!

Power Scooters

Golden Technologies Scooters

Home of the worlds favorite portable power wheelchair. The Golden Envy is the lightest, most maneuverable, least expensive portable power wheelchair on the market!


Caregiver Assist

Care Giver Assist Chair

Ideal for persons suffering from Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, or Arthritis as there is no jarring when moving loved ones to the table. The risk of personal injury to caregiver/spouse as a result of pushing/shoving someone to the table is significantly reduced. Image is Titan Swivel REZ - 22” 


Bariatric Chair

The swivel caster option gives you the freedom of movement. Ideal for your home office. Image is Titan Castor 22" Wide Bariatric Office Chair 

  • 3" locking / medically rated casters 
  • Metal frame; 20" wide seat 
  • 3" cold cured foam cushion 
  • Antimicrobial vinyl seat/back
  • Rated for 600 lbs

Independent Living

Independent Living Chair

How does a person requiring the use of a walker get seated at a dining table?
The active features eliminate the need for a person to “scoot” themselves forward, or for a caregiver to push/shove their loved one forward. Image is Titan Swivel 22" Wide.

Wheelchair Tables


  • 2 adjustable tops 
  • Top ranges in height from 26" - 36" 
  • Stabilizing glides (4) 
  • Spring loaded lift assist pistons 
  • Transport casters (2) 
  • Large knobs for ease of adjustment 
  • Metal frame; laminate tops 


Harlequin Adjustable Mattress

Harlequin adjustable mattress

The adjustable mattress, Harlequin is a revolutionary product that offers each sleeper a new way to sleep. The technology is fully adjustable and hidden inside the mattress, requires no heavy steel structure under . The mattress can be supported by any kind of bed frame, no need to change your bedroom furniture. The mattress is divided by itself and allows you to adjust the head and foot of the mattress at different angles. Customize your comfort for reading, watching TV, working on your laptop or just relax.

Harmony Products

Harmony 1

Harmony 1

The Harmony1 adjustable base lets you find the perfect position for you to optimize your sleeping conditions. The easy to use wireless remote control has the ability to raise or lower the head section,the foot section or both simultaneously. With infinite adjustability you will find the perfect position to optimize your sleep with a customer favourite that won’t break the bank!

Harmony 3

Harmony 3

The Harmony 3 is the premium of the Harmony line up. It features an 18 button stylish wireless remote that allows to you adjust the head section and the foot section to achieve your perfect position for reading or sleeping then store it in one of the two memory buttons. The Harmony 3 comes pre-programmed with a zero-gravity button, TV watching button and a “Quiet Sleep” button to reduce snoring. Move around safely at night with the built in flashlight and under-bed LED lighting that is activated using the remote. Experience your best sleep with the premium in rest technology in the Harmony 3 adjustable base.

Harmony Hi-Low

Harmony Hi-Low

For those who may need a little assistance transitioning from sitting to standing to get out of bed, the Harmony Hi-Low can help you stand with
the touch of a button. This is also a great option for those who require patient care at home or in an
assisted living environment. The Harmony Hi-Low provides the features of a homecare bed without the institutional look. The removable rear section of the bed frame even allows the user to attach their residential headboard making it a beautiful addition to your room.

Harmony Mattress

Harmony Mattress

The top layer of the Harmony Relax is 2” of GelFlex foam that helps prevent becoming overheated at night. This is a gel infused visco-elastic memory foam that contours to your body, providing an extremely comfortable and luxurious feel. The middle layer is 2” of memory foam. It is firmer than the top layer providing great support while remaining “springy” meaning the foam rebounds faster than other memory foams. This makes sleeping more comfortable since you are not fighting to turn over at night because you have immersed to deep into the foam.

Ultimate Mum - Pregnancy and Nursing/Feeding Pillows

The Huggable "6 in 1"

This "C" shaped - side sleeping luxury body pillow provides exceptional comfort and support for your head, neck and shoulder and curves down behind your back for much needed back support, then curls in between the legs/knees for pelvic/hip support to help reduce lower back pain and then tucks und er the belly for baby bump support. This assures you better sleep, the thing you need most of all during your pregnancy and post natal period. 

The Ultimate “6 in 1”


The Ultimate “6 in 1” Pregnancy, Body and Nursing/Feeding Pillow, is the best pillow to address all of an expecting and new mums needs, for more and better sleep, lower back, hip and pelvic area recovery, nursing and feeding and much more.  It is “The Ultimate” Pregnancy, Body and Nursing/Feeding Pillow.

Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow “5 in 1”


This superior maternity pillow with uniquely supportive ButterFly Wing design ensures better sleep and guarantees additional comfort while supporting the side-sleeping for pregnancy position, providing ideal blood flow as recommended by doctors and specialists.

Pure Zen “5 in 1”


The Canadian Made Pure Zen Body Pillow is small and light enough to take with you anywhere. Its Unique Contoured Shape helps prevent rolling and ensures that you are comfortable, snug and get a great rest - whenever you need to, wherever you are.

The Snuggle Up “6 in 1”


This U shaped luxury body pillow provides extreme soothing comfort and support for you and your baby. The “U” shaped design provides full baby bump support which alleviates strain on your lower back while resting / sleeping and further provides recovery from pain and strain in lower pelvic area. This assures you better sleep, the thing you need most of all during your pregnancy and post natal period.